segunda-feira, 31 de outubro de 2011

Escola de Música Cultura Pop
Até o final do ano cursos sem taxa de matrícula na Escola de Música Cultura Pop . Violão, guitarra, baixo, bateria, teclado e canto. Aulas práticas individuais, teoria e prática com banda.
Conheça também nossos cursos de musicalização infantil. Vagas abertas!!
Agende um horário pelo telefone : 19 3242-1769
Trabalhamos também com produção de bandas. Composição, arranjo e gravação com profissionais qualificados! No momento estamos finalizando os trabalhos das bandas Estalagmite e Kidrose e das cantoras Ângela Tanclér e Glória Moraes.
Trabalhamos visando colocar o músico no mercado com qualidade compatível com o que existe de melhor !
Escola de Música Cultura Pop há 6 anos formando e incentivando profissionais da música em Campinas!

domingo, 23 de outubro de 2011

Download gratuito : A practical guide to throwing money away

Meu primeiro álbum solo foi lançado em Novembro de 2010 e foi um grande aprendizado pra mim. Nele pude produzir e tocar todos o instrumentos, menos o baixo. A resposta foi muito positiva e consegui abrir algumas portas muito importantes.
Para ouvir e baixar o álbum gratuitamente - que teve sua tiragem física esgotada - acesse os seguintes links:

Download direto

Palco Mp3

Trama Virtual

segunda-feira, 5 de setembro de 2011

Apollo and the Phoenix

It is evening, and her wings
Stretched like a giant horizon
Burnished gold, molten red
Bleeding shadows into the earth
Her form shimmers, matured
Ready and awake

Her pyre is primed
She has collected all she needs
Myrrh and branches, sheets and limbs
To catch the quickest, to burn the longest
Torches to brighten her

The fire bird had found him there
Quietly listening by cool waters
Hearing her song of immortality
Silently stirring it with his own
The warmth of ageless eyes
Both enchanted by the light of the other

So the god ignites
As nerves and sinews blister
Rivulets of fire catch feathered skin
Charred and singed in smoke
Her eyes close, his melt into hers
Their vision intoxicates them

The old world sighs to hear them
Like ancient Persia, her beauty encompasses
Drowning him in lost antiquities
His mythology re-writes itself
The moon cuts it's cord from her belly
Incandescence her swan song

But our night does not hear them
Our heavens gaze down and stare at nothing
The stars map their own celestial places
As foxes walk home on tip toe
Dawn waits, looking to the East
And in the embers of spent ashes
A man and a woman rise from the soot.

Walk the Talk

Walk the Talk

You can give him money
You can give him the keys of the city
The city of the damned
But he doesn’t care about it

He only cares about his cocaine and his bitches
He doesn’t respect anybody
But he is retiring
At least that's what he says

I have admirers and followers
But I have no friends
I just want success in my final act
I'll let the pieces of Mr. News around the city of fools

Since the first time he spoke
People are aware
Who knew it would be so rotten
Expensive perfume doesn’t hide shit

I know you.
Nobody has the guts to say.
You killed that guy
Just because he got what you wanted

You'll never get there

sábado, 3 de setembro de 2011

When the lie turns blue

When the lie turns blue

Sometimes when we think that the game is won
And we bring back those old songs
The sky turns dark, the storm gets worse
That poor boy who sold his soul to the devil
Has to dance again

He knew that everything was wrong
But kept swearing in the name of the blues
Everything changes from time to time
But he became what he is today

The lie crushes the soul
And life leads to thrilling sensations
If the dawn sours
He'll be lost between the living and the dead
When the light becomes blue

I would be surprised if he gave up
After all, he wanted to be there
But he didn't know it would be so painful
When the lie turns blue

He sold his soul to the devil
When the lie turns blue

terça-feira, 30 de agosto de 2011

Rei Lagarto - Rockstar

Rei Lagarto - Rockstar!
Mais uma do trabalho "The clockmaker's dream"


We were a family with no money
But my parents never failed to bring in food
I was unemployed, and couldn’t buy me a guitar
An old acoustic guitar and my voice helped me to work

My grandfather almost made me to give up, saying I had no talent
But I resisted all discouragements dreaming day after day
People came and went in my life
Then I found true friends that made me continue

We drank all the drinks, and spend sleepless nights
We proved all the sins and resisted
We lost a dear friend along the way
We opened the gates of hell, but we apologize for nothing

We made music and friends on a long road
We had fun on every step of the way
We tasted everything we could imagine
After all I came back home, and felt lonely

My band broke up from so many fights
I made some wrong choices along the way
Many times we have failed
But then I found the reason

Maybe I never loved
But I found what I wanted
In the arms of my lady I was happy
And year after year I am

I woke up from the dream
That seemed more like a nightmare
And again I found my lost friends,
We made music again,
This time with our feet on the ground
And we’re happy since then

Today I'm not a rock star, and I never will be
But I am a father of two beautiful children
And I make a living playing my guitar,
And singing my songs

People learn a few lessons from me
In the same place I call home
I can't complain about anything
I didn’t leave anything behind
I saw all things get out of place
And they fit perfectly again after a while

We work together, looking forward
The world has changed, but people remain the same
If I were to repeat it all over again, I would
I love the place I am today

segunda-feira, 29 de agosto de 2011

Rei Lagarto She´s a Star!

Música do novo e último CD do Rei Lagarto!
Hard Rock que eu compus para celebrar o nascimento do minha filha Alice!



She arrived as a movie star
She doesn't say a word
But I have to serve her
It's impossible to look at her eyes
Without falling at her knees

She took several months to come
But her brightness is of the goddesses

She's a star
No matter who the hell you are
She's a star
Honey you can do it
Just don't wake me up all night

She likes good clothes and being held
For her bubble bath filled every day
She is the queen of an empire she created

She took several months to come
We know what she wants
We do what she wants.

She's a star
No matter who the hell you are
She's a star
Honey you can do it,
Just don't wake me up all night

If she wants to pass, let her pass
Because you can turn to dust
When you look at her eyes

She's a star
No matter who the hell you are
She's a star
Honey you can do it
Just don't wake me up all night